Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Fiesta Life Ep 7 - Level 79 cap

During a month of my final semester break, i aimed myself to cap at 79 within that month. As i forced myself to fight and fight without hesitation, I grinded for more then 12 hours a day. With my hard work, I made 68 to 70 in just 1 day! At level 70, leveling was hard for everyone. The best place to leveling with a party was in Trumpy Remains (TR). Non sleeping was a normal thng i did as i was drawn to the aim of becoming a capped player. After a week of the run around in TR, i made it to my cap. I was so happy at that time because there will be no longer any necessary leveling needed in the nearest time. Fot about two month i relaxed and enjoyed the game by just sitting around and hang out with my frens there. It was a very fun experince, and may be the best ever experienced for me!

My Fiesta Life Ep 6 - At Last! New job change!

At level 60 of this game, each character are to advanced to a new class and new skills can be acquired after the new job change quest. Tick tock Tick Tock, time passes and i slowly trained myself throughtout level 50. The Collision was great. The members helped me much on the quest details, and when i felt down of the hard lvling, they always boost me up =). After some hours, days and night i finally became a level 60 mage! That day i was extremely happy because a member of Collision who also a legend of Isya Cleric, Elfenlied, helped me to get to 60 when i was near reaching it. To be accompanied by a legend was a great honour to me. And so, i did the jobchange quest smoothly, again with the guidance of the members =). As a result, i gained the title Enchanter after i passed the jobchange quest.

My Fiesta Life Ep 5 - Epic Guild Invitation

After some exhausting grind, i managed myself to be a level 50 mage. I was so happy at that time. A few days staying in the 50's, I suddenly got an invitation from a guild. And guess what guild it was from? Collision! One of the most powerful guild during that time unil now. I was shocked at first but no one could resist that kind of invitation. And so, I joined Collision and made new frens there.

My Fiesta Life Ep 4 - Catching up to the game

Since I can only play at mid/final smester breaks, my lvling schedule went way off. I was left behind by others in my level. The cap(max) level was at 79 at that time. Many people were in their late 50's and 60's. Even so, there were a few people managed to cap during that time. For the first three of every class who reached the cap are called The Legend Of Isya and as the reward. In below image, ScoobyDoo is one of the Legend Of Isya and I am a fan of him ^^.

My Fiesta Life Ep 3 - A new Beginning and a Reborned Character

After a few month, when DeathTheKid was a lvl 30+ mage, i found that he's build was messed up, and so, i decided to make a new character. Since i already into with mage, i choosed mage as my second character and named him DeathDoppel. This name was given to him as he resembles my 1st character ever to be reborned in a much better status. With hard work and determination, i manage to surpass my late mage. I was so happy that my character becoming stronger and stronger every minute. Below, u can c the life of my new main character, DeathDoppel.

During final/mid semester break, I grinded as fast as possible just to make my character stronger, At my early levels, i joined random guilds which i have been invited. The first loyal guild that i had was Vinir_Alfakyn. I had fun there but sadly, not long after that, the master was inactive and guild events were put on hold. After a long wait for the master to return, there was not a single sign been showed whether she will ever be coming back. I stayed in Vinir_Alfakyn from my 30's to my 40's.While on my 40's till 50's i joined Dark_Sun. A very lively guild, and which a got a heart on one woman, Draena.. But we lost contact somehow. Hope I'll be able to reach her again. DBK_Reborn was also a player i knew in Dark_Sun. He's too relax kind of a guy. Everybody go grinds while he just do werebear license 1 by 1 >.>

My Fiesta Life Ep 2 - Lvl 20 Jobchange, A New Evolution

For every each individuals that reach level 20, there is an anouncement from the server itself stating that they have reached level 20 and congratulates them. What is special on this level? There is a jobchange. Every class have a jobchange and the quest was exactly the same with one another. After doing the jobchange,i was proudly been titled to as a wizmage ^^

My Fiesta Life Ep 1 - The beginning

During my final semester break nov 2008, i was actively involved with chats on my YM with my frens.I was also addicted to pakof ro (online game) and changing my friendser's template at that time. But one day, a really close fren of mine introduced me to a game called FIESTA. And so, i tried the game with him. It was fun at first but later on i got addicted with the game. My fren on the other hand was busy with his IRL (in real life) issues so i havent have the chance to play with him. On the first day of my game, my fren, Hikaryu, teached me all the basics of the game. As i learned it slowly bit by bit, i became attached to the game. In this game, there are four basics classes which are fighter(melee combat abilities), cleric(aid abilities),archer (long range special effects abilities), and lastly, mage (magic abilities). For more details, u can visit if u are interested ^^. I choosed Teva as my home server and my first character was a mage which i named him DeathTheKid from a character of an anime called SOUL EATER. And here he is...